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Welcome to the DRIVE World/ESC Silicon Valley 2019 Speaker Center, designed to help speakers plan their engagements and promote their sessions. We are thrilled you will be presenting at our event! 

Event Details

August 27-29 2019
Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Speaker Registration & Benefits

As a conference speaker, you receive a complimentary All Access Pass to the expo and conference – we take care of getting you registered so you don’t have to. Upon arrival, you can retrieve your Speaker Badge at the Speaker Ready Room located in Room 212. Other benefits of speaking include:

  • You receive one complimentary guest pass plus an additional 20% discount for clients and colleagues (unlimited use) by using the code SPEAKER2019 in the registration portal; you can begin circulating this discount through your network straightaway. Please contact [email protected] to request a guest pass – you’ll simply need to provide the guest’s name, job title, company, phone number, and email address.
  • You receive access to all onsite receptions, exhibitions, entertainment, co-located conferences, conference lunches, and sponsored trainings.
  • Your participation on faculty provides you and your company with professional exposure and is an opportunity to raise your profile within the advanced manufacturing and engineering community in the following ways:
    • Your name, title, company, and biography will be featured on the DRIVE World with ESC 2019 event website
    • A chance to have your session promoted on all DRIVE/ESC and affiliate Social Networks
    • Speak about your latest innovations, expertise, and company’s leadership before some of the most influential engineers and press in the field
  • Your contribution will make a positive impact on the engineering community by giving up-and-coming professionals the chance to advance themselves in their chosen fields.

Speaker To-Dos

  1. Check your Speaker Profile for accuracy
  2. Check your Session Schedule for accuracy
  3. Return the Speaker Agreement you received previously (contact [email protected] if you cannot locate your agreement)
  4. Book your travel and make hotel reservations
  5. Promote your presence with the official hashtag: #DriveWorldESC
  6. Make sure your presentation is in 16:9 format (you do not need a specific template)

Important Deliverables & Deadlines

Please carefully review the following deliverables and deadlines required of all speakers. If you’ve already provided us with some or all of these items, please feel free to skip over this section.

July 26th - Speaker Agreement Due (See #3 above for more info)
July 26th - Professional Bio & Photo Due - Photo should be 200 x 200 pixel, high-resolution preferred. Send to [email protected]
August 6th - Presentation Slides Due
August 6th - Mobile Phone Number & Twitter Handle Due
August 13th - Last Day to Submit Presentation Edits or Changes
August 27-29th - DRIVE World with ESC 2019 Conference

Contact Us

DRIVE/ESC Conference Program Director - Jennifer Campbell - [email protected] - 508-981-4343

Engineering Theater Lead - Jennifer Campbell - [email protected] - 508-981-4343

Conference Operations Lead - Stephenie Hawkins - [email protected]  - 310-918-2295

Theaters Operations Lead - Stephenie Hawkins - [email protected]  - 310-918-2295

Presentation Requirements & Submission Instructions

ALL slide submissions MUST follow the requirements below. Speakers who fail to provide the materials correctly might not be considered for future speaking opportunities.

  • Presentations must be submitted in a PDF and PPT format (contact your operations lead if this is an issue for you)
  • Use 16:9 format for your slides
  • Feel free to use your own presentation template
  • Please name the presentation file in this format: ESC2019_FirstFiveWordsofSessionTitle_YourLastName.pdf OR Drive2019_FirstFiveWordsofSessionTitle_YourLastName.pdf
  • Submit your presentation here.

Audio Visual

Standard conference session rooms will include the following:

  • 1 Podium Microphone
  • 1 Wired Lavalier Microphone
  • 2 Tabletop Microphones
  • 1 LCD Projector with VGA Cable Connector
  • Large Projector Screen (16:9)
  • PC Laptop


Note that when conducting your presentation or participating on a panel, press may be present, including members of the Associated Press. Please be advised not to include confidential information in your discussion unless preceded by an "off the record" disclaimer.

Marketing & Pre-Show Promotion

By agreeing to speak, you have become a vital part of the conference and thus an important element of pre-event promotion. Here’s how your involvement in pre-event promotion works:

  • Social Media:  If you’re on social media, we hope that you’ll socialize your participation and engage with your network about your speaking engagement at our event.
  • Editorial Media:  If you’re willing and available, we hope that you’ll give a pre-event interview by agreeing to speak with one of our staff editors about your scope of expertise and conference session. The world wants to hear about you and how you’re influencing your industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to get extra exposure by having a professional editorial piece written about you, as this content will be made public on our media sites and potentially included in our press releases.
  • Note that our marketing and editorial teams will be promoting your participation through various media channels throughout the pre-event campaign. Please be prepared to have your name and professional photo used on our marketing platforms, including website, media blogs, and social media.

Social Media Tool Kit

Please refer the social media tools below to help you engage with your network.

  • Event Hashtags: #DriveWorldESC

Onsite Instructions

Conference Room Location
Upon arrival, proceed through the front entrance of the convention center and locate your track room on the second floor:

  • Drive Room 1 – 203/204
  • Drive Room 2 – 209/210
  • ESC Room 1 – Great America 2
  • ESC Room 2 – Great America 3
  • ESC Room 3 – Great America J
  • ESC Room 4 – Great America K
  • ESC Room 5 (day 1 only) – Great America 1

Speaker Ready Room Location
To check-in and pick-up your badge, go to room 212. The Speaker Ready Room is for speaking faculty and event operations to discuss logistics, conduct meetings, prepare for presentations, and/or meet fellow panelists. If you need to provide us with an updated copy of your presentation, you’ll be able to find a staff member to help you here. The Speaker Ready Room is open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM all three days of the event.

Engineering Theater
The pavilion is located toward the back-left corner of the Expo floor.

Conference Lunch
As a member of faculty, you’ll be provided with complimentary lunch throughout the event; you’ll be provided with lunch vouchers to redeem at any of the cafes in the expo hall on days 2 and 3. Lunch will be provided on day 1, as the Expo hall will not be open.

Parking & Directions:
Parking info for the Santa Clara Convention Center can be found here:

Hotel & Accommodations
To help you make hotel reservations, Drive World with ESC 2019 has partnered with Convention Housing Partners to offer a wide variety of hotels at the lowest rates available. Click here for more details.

Additional Notes

  • Make sure to bring a copy of your presentation with you on-site.
  • If you have any additional A/V request(s), contact [email protected].
  • Do not include sales pitches and commercial information in your presentations. Our conferences provide educational and informative presentations. Speakers who include self-promotional content may not be considered for future speaking opportunities.
  • No sales/promotional handouts are to be distributed in the conference areas (including meeting rooms). Sales literature distribution is limited to exhibitor booths only. For more information or to learn about ESC Boston 2019 sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, please contact [email protected].