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Drive World Conference Tracks

In addition to the five ESC conference tracks attendees will also have access to, Drive World offers four distinct tracks:

Security & Safety

As we approach Level 5 autonomy, the need for greater AV safety and security increases exponentially. This track delves into code and sensor vulnerabilities for both infrastructure and vehicles, and outlines ways hackers may tamper with these systems.

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Sensing Technologies

This track dives into innovations in Lidar, Radar, vision, and camera systems used in autonomous vehicles. Sessions will define these emerging technologies and explore their advanced applications in an industry nearing Level 5 autonomy.

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Autonomous & ADAS

Cut through the hype surrounding autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems. Explore safety and security considerations and learn the realistic timelines expected to reach full autonomy.

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Connectivity & Infotainment

Take a closer look at how telematics, 5G mobility, and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) are paving the way for self-driving vehicles. Sessions will focus on infotainment system development and the security measures required for deployment.

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5 Standout Sessions at the Conference

You're in good hands with a speaker list that includes experts from Google, Toyota, and SAE. Below are five must-attend sessions to add to any educational action plan.

Decomposition of an Autonomous Vehicle

Pull up a chair as we deconstruct the functional domains of an automated vehicle. We'll explore the base architecture before diving deeper into the hardware and software components that come together to create a functioning Level 2+ vehicle.
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Secure the Car Before You Connect It

As the codebase in connected cars increases, there's a need to leverage software from outside sources, thereby introducing risk with vulnerabilities and security exploits. This session explains how automakers can enable software from multiple sources while ensuring safety and security.
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Managing Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications

Automotive safety and connectivity are experiencing a rapid transformation with the advent of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and 5G. Learn about new upcoming opportunities available with these emerging technologies and how to manage the design challenges and test solutions associated.
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The Road to Deployable Autonomy

This session explores the challenges we need to overcome in order to reach Level 5 autonomy and the technologies helping us get there. This includes the automotive-grade computing required to run the hundreds of millions of lines of code that will essentially emulate a human driver.
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LiDAR: Can it be Effective in Adverse Weather Conditions?

LiDAR is used in autonomous vehicles to detect range and map the car's surroundings. It's ideal in dry, sunny conditions, but what happens when rain, snow, or fog sets in? This session looks at how LiDAR works and its dependability in less than perfect driving conditions.
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